Why prodigy Scooter stores don’t sell to Canadian shoppers

The scooter industry has long been a global juggernaut, selling more than 1.8 billion scooters worldwide since 2006.That means Canadian scooter owners have been hit hard in the recession.For years, many Canadian scooters have been marked down or sold out.It was bad enough that the country’s premier bike shop was shutting down last fall, but […]

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When it comes to picking your next car, you’re going to have to decide: Is this the car for you?

I’ve driven a lot of cars and a lot more expensive cars than this one, but I’ve never driven a Toyota Land Cruiser.So, I guess I’ll have to take my pick.But if I want a big, big, car, I need to be careful about where I get it.Toyota Land Cruisers come in two basic models: […]

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How to Use Your Electric Scooter for $150 a Month, Get the Deal

Get the latest from NBC News on Twitter.This article tagged under: electric scooters,electric scooters article,titanic scooters source NBC Los Angeles title Titanic scooter deals to buy Jetson electric scottys for $15 million article Jetson’s electric scoots will be the latest on a list of scooters that have been snapped up by companies seeking to sell […]

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How to buy a dog scooter from Amazon: Dog scooter for kids

Kids and adults alike love the ability to scoot around on a stroller.However, there are some limitations to scooter ownership, and some of the best scooters for kids are not for everyone.Here are our top picks for dog scooters that will let you get the most out of your kids and your budget.Read More…

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A folding electric scooters from a new company makes it even more portable

By now, we all know the pros and cons of a folding scooter.With scooters getting more and more portable, and electric scotches becoming more and a lot easier to carry around, we’ve all been asking, is it worth the investment?That’s the big question here, and it’s something we’ve been wondering about for some time now.In […]

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When you need to use a baby scroller in public, Lyft says its got a good option

Lyft’s CEO, Logan Green, is not the only CEO to weigh in on the baby scooters craze. Just two weeks ago, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said that he wanted to make the scooters for his wife, and that he wouldn’t want to ride them in public. However, the company’s new “Baby Scooter Ride” service, launched on Wednesday, […]

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