How the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Could Be a $1 Billion Gaming Machine by 2020

The Xiaomi Electric scooter could become a $100 billion gaming machine by 2020.

The Chinese smartphone giant has a lot to prove in this rapidly changing tech world.

Xiaomi is a world leader in smartphones, and it’s already making the world’s best electric scooters, electric bikes, and even hoverboards.

The company has even managed to win some of the largest hardware awards at CES, and that’s only been happening because of its aggressive pricing and focus on building great products.

The company has just announced the first prototype of its new electric scowr, which it says is the world s first fully-electric scooter.

It’s a fully-automated bike with a battery pack that will be up to 30 percent more powerful than the current battery in a conventional scooter by 2020, with an impressive 4.8 miles of range per charge.

The scooter can also be powered by solar power or batteries, and the company says the electric scoob can travel for over 1,000 miles on a single charge.

While there are a ton of electric bikes out there, the company claims it has built a system that’s both environmentally-friendly and fun for both the driver and rider.

The electric scob will be offered in two sizes, with a base model starting at $1,500 and the “e-mobility” version starting at an extra $1-per-mile.

The base model will have a 5-foot-tall battery, while the e-mobilities will come in at 8 feet tall.

There are also a few additional features that could make the Xiaomi scooter a hit with gamers.

The top of the scooter will have built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes that track speed, tilt, and elevation.

The driver will also be able to adjust the speed and distance of the bike’s wheels with a touch of a button.

And it has a built-up battery that can last a full day.

It’s a great start, but the company has plenty of room for improvement.

We’re still in the early stages of its development, and there are still many questions about its final design.

But the company did make some very nice graphics to show off how its scoobs will work.

In the end, the ultimate goal is a bike that’s easy to use, yet fun to ride.

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