Trump signs $3 billion bailout package to shore up automakers as bailout deadline looms

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a $3.9 billion bailout deal for automakers, including Ford, GM and Chrysler, as Congress considers the next steps in a bailout package.The auto industry’s worst year since the Great Recession has led to record sales and a decline in sales in the United States, but it remains the biggest […]

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Bikes and scooters are the new high-end scooters, with many of them coming in a wide range of prices and styles

A new wave of bike and scooter accessories has popped up in the past year or so.From the ubiquitous BMX bikes to the more expensive scooters for touring, some bikes and scrollers have become an integral part of the modern life.We’ve rounded up some of the best bikes and the scooters currently on sale, and […]

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How to get your smartphone and your tablet to glow when they’re not in use

The first thing you need to know about glow-in-the-dark phones is that they don’t actually glow when you’re not looking at them.You might think they’re just a cheap, flimsy piece of plastic that you can toss in a pocket, but Google says they are actually able to do the job for you.Google explains that their […]

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Why you should buy a Pink Razor Scooter

A pink scooter is a futuristic machine that’s been designed to be a companion to the human body and has been designed with the idea of getting people around.But, like most things in the tech world, pink scooters aren’t without controversy.Here’s why you should probably get one and the reasons why you probably shouldn’t.1.The pink […]

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The Left’s War on Legos

Legos are a favorite of children because they’re cheap, durable, and easy to build.In this article, I’ll explain why they’re not just another toy, but the new battleground in the battle between the left and its critics.The left’s new war on Lego is nothing new, but it has only been in the spotlight lately because […]

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How to get your scooter from $50 to $700 in under 20 minutes

The latest version of the scooter market is heating up.The latest iteration of the popular scooter brand from Ford, the Ford Ranger, is selling on Amazon for $50,000 or less.The Ranger is one of the best selling scooters on Amazon, with more than 300,000 orders.It’s currently available for preorder at $50 on, where you […]

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