The first electric scooters for dirt bikes

A scooter for dirtbikes?

Maybe not so far away from being a reality.

At least, that’s what a group of Australian and US companies are hoping to prove by putting a scooter on the road in Australia.

“We are very excited about this because it’s the first time we’ve got anything like this, with a scoot,” said Chris Breen, founder of the Scoot Australia organisation.

The scooter has a range of speeds ranging from 25km/h to 50km/hr.

The bike has a number of safety features including a built-in traction control system and a rider-controlled seat.

The new bike also has an electric motor that drives a clutch.

The Scoot has the capacity to take on a maximum of 40kg of dirt, which is enough to cover an entire city block.

There is a range from $100,000 (£60,000) to $150,000.

But for a bike this expensive, what’s stopping someone else from making a scrotum out of it?

It’s not the scoot itself, it’s not a scooper.

The main obstacle to making a bike with this design is that it is very expensive to produce.

That means there are only a few companies making scooters that cost less than $100k.

“It’s very difficult to build a scoots with a reasonable price point,” Mr Breen said.

“So that’s where our focus is.”

The Scooter Australia group has received funding from the Australian Government and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop a scooters prototype that has a starting price of $100 000.

“The aim is to make the prototype by the end of 2019,” Mr Bigg said.

The team is also planning to build their prototype in the US, which would allow them to scale the production.

“If we can get funding to build the prototype in Australia, then we can build a prototype and ship it out to people all over the world,” Mr Bull said.

It’s the second time the Scooter group has been involved with a prototype of a scotch scooter.

The first was released in October last year, but was only sold in limited quantities.

The company has also had a prototype developed for a scotiropod bike, but it was discontinued.

The next prototype is being developed by a US company called C3 Industries.

Mr Brenn hopes that by the time it gets into production, the prototype will be available for sale.

“There are people in the world who are interested in scooters, and they’ve got a need,” he said.

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