Bmw Scooter To Get $5M to Help Fund Research Into Cars and Driving

bmws scooter to be one of five major auto manufacturers to partner with Google on the development of a smart vehicle for urban drivers.

The collaboration, which has described as a “bionic vehicle for the future”, will help the startup build on its $3.5 billion investment in the company in 2021, which is being led by Google Ventures, which previously led efforts on the self-driving car projects of Tesla and Ford. 

“Bionic scooters will become the backbone of the future, as a vehicle that has more of a human component than a car,” Google Ventures CEO Raj Shah said in a statement.

“Bionic is an important platform to accelerate that conversation and accelerate the development process.

We are excited to partner to help make this happen.”

The Google partnership, which will be announced in New York next month, will be backed by Google’s automotive division, Google X. Google is one of the largest investors in the automotive industry, which has seen a dramatic shift in the past decade, with companies such as General Motors and Toyota launching cars with self-drive features.

It has also invested in the self drive market, with its investment in Google X expected to amount to $1 billion.

Google’s new initiative will allow scooter makers to better leverage its data about their customers to build intelligent vehicles, which are already becoming common in the U.S. and around the world. 

Google’s new venture, which also will be co-funded by Google X, will focus on two areas of focus: driverless technology and driving on urban roads. 

In a video announcing the partnership, Google said that the company has been working on a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) interface for the past several years.

The interface is meant to allow the vehicle to “learn” from the human driver, which could ultimately allow vehicles to better anticipate, and take over, driving tasks.

This is important because, while the human has a limited number of tasks to perform, vehicles can learn from them and become more adept at their tasks. 

Bionic Scooter, which the company is developing for cities, will use Google’s proprietary mapping technology to help it learn what the vehicle is doing.

It will then use Google X’s infrastructure to connect to the car’s navigation system to build the driver’s knowledge about the vehicle. 

The partnership with Google is Google’s third with bmwd, the company behind the Moto X. Earlier this year, Google launched bmwlks scooter for cities and will also use the platform to help the scooter maker develop new vehicles for urban areas. 

For more from The Verge, check out the video below.

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