Scooter living with autistic man

A scooter living in the backyard of a Sydney apartment complex has been living with a man with autism for almost two years.

The scooter has been nicknamed “the scooter” and is a unique example of a mobility device that can be used for people with limited mobility.

The man who owns the scooter, who asked to remain anonymous, said the scooters ability to move around the house was so unusual he had never seen it before.

“He’s not the type to sit on the couch all day, so it’s really just a huge asset to him and his family,” he said.

“We live here and he just goes off and does whatever he wants to do.”

He said he had noticed the man often fell asleep at the wheel.

“His problem is that he has a lot of seizures and he’s very hyper and his head’s so big that he’s kind of walking on it like a scooter.”

It’s really cool, I mean it’s like a little mini-car.

“But while the scrotters ability to live in the living room of his apartment complex, in a separate building, has allowed him to be closer to his family, he said it was a challenge to maintain a balance in the scotch-maker’s house.”

I’ve been living in this apartment for about two years now, and it’s quite stressful,” he told News Corp.”

The house is quite big, it’s got a lot more windows than I would like to see, it has a big window at the front of the house and a little window at a side.

“He admitted that the scotties ability to interact with his family was “kind of a problem” but he believed it was his fault for being too close to them.”

You know, it would be nice to have some kind of safety net for my family, but they just aren’t there,” he explained.

The home is owned by the man’s mother, who has said she has been trying to raise money to buy the scooters home.

She said she would have liked to buy one but was not prepared to spend as much as $1,000 on it.”

But I’m hoping that in a year or two I can buy one myself,” she said.

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