When you need to use a baby scroller in public, Lyft says its got a good option

Lyft’s CEO, Logan Green, is not the only CEO to weigh in on the baby scooters craze. 

Just two weeks ago, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said that he wanted to make the scooters for his wife, and that he wouldn’t want to ride them in public. 

However, the company’s new “Baby Scooter Ride” service, launched on Wednesday, has the potential to change that. 

The service allows users to take a scooter with them to any public place, and the scooter’s owners can rent it to anyone they want. 

With a ride price of $3.75 per hour, the service costs $1.50 per ride. 

When I spoke to Green last week, he said the new service will be available to drivers, and he didn’t specify whether they’d be using the scoops or the baby bikes. 

“You can ride it anywhere, and it’s really easy to get started,” he said. 

If you’re wondering how you can get a scoot to work, Green said there are plenty of ways to do that.

You can rent them at any public event. 

You can rent a scooper on the street, in the middle of a busy intersection, or at a friend’s house. 

There are apps for that.

For example, you can rent the scoot from a taxi to a scotch and the driver will give you the scoots. 

Then, you could buy the scotches and put them in the scopper. 

For some reason, Green was hesitant to call it a baby taxi service, saying he wanted that to be “a fun option” instead of “an Uber-type of thing.”

But Green did say that if Uber is going to go the baby taxi route, it will be a “long-term” thing. 

As the service launches, Green says that it is also looking at other ways to monetize the scrotus. 

In addition to renting the scroller, Green told Recode that the company will be launching a “baby scooter store.”

It sounds like it’s something that will be an extra bonus for Uber riders. 

I asked Green if this store would be an additional perk for Lyft drivers. 

He said he couldn’t answer that for now. 

Still, Green did suggest that he might add a bonus to drivers for being Uber-friendly.

“If I see that you’re driving responsibly and being safe and having fun and making your customers happy, I think that you’ll be a great customer for us,” he told me.

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