Electric scooter launches online at the Waiariki Electric Bike Shop

Waiariai, New Zealand, October 7, 2018.

Electric scooters are a new addition to the burgeoning electric bike scene.

And while there’s no doubt that electric scooters have a certain appeal, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome to get them onto the streets of Auckland, including how to get a license, what to do if your scooter breaks down, how to deal with the traffic, and how to store the batteries.

Electric bike owner Jeremy McQueen and his wife Jennifer McQueen, a mechanical engineer, started their electric scooter business, Electric Bike Supply, in September 2017.

“We’ve been riding our scooters since we were 13 years old, so we know a thing or two about how to take a bike and get around,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy said he’d started with an electric scoot in 2014 but then sold it to buy his first electric scroller, the ECS Scooter.

The ECS scooter is an affordable electric scooting scooter which can be used for commuting, or a tandem bike.

Electric scoots are also a viable option for beginners who want to take it easy on their commute to work.

“I’m a bit of a bit a commuter, so it’s nice that there’s a bike for me to go on a daily basis.

I’m hoping it will help me get a job and keep me out of the car more,” Jeremy McQueensaid.

For now, Jeremy is working with the city of Auckland to find a manufacturer to make electric scopes for the city.

While electric scoots have been a hit in Auckland, there’s still a big roadblock to getting a license for electric scouters.

They can’t legally be used on public roads, as they don’t have a licence plate.

If you’re unsure of whether you’re legal to ride your electric scoped scooter on Auckland streets, there is no need to worry, the city has issued a licence to the ECTSA, the Auckland Electric Cycle Safety Society.

But you’ll need to get your electric bike to Auckland, and the cost of a bike will run you $400.

So to find out more about the licensing process, and what to expect in Auckland next year, we spoke to a bike shop owner, Electric Cycle Supply, owner of Electric Bike Scooters, Jennifer McQueen, and her husband Jeremy.

Read more about electric scoops here.

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