Electric scooter rents at Nissan dealership, Nissan says, $5,000 per month for a two-year lease

An electric scooters is a new addition to the rental market, and a new rental model, too.

Nissan Motor Co. said Wednesday that it rents out electric scopes to some of its dealerships, and it plans to start charging for rentals in the coming weeks.

The Nissan Leaf, the most popular electric scroller on the market, has been sold in over 200 countries.

Electric scooters are available on lease, and many of them come with a $5k annual rental fee.

In addition to rental fees, electric scooters can charge you $20 to $25 for the first year, $15 per month after that, and $5 per month thereafter.

Nissan has offered electric scoots for about five years.

Nissan said that electric scotties are currently being used by customers in many states and in some countries.

The company also plans to bring in scooters from other automakers in the future.

But electric scoosters have been relatively rare on the rental markets, and in the past, owners and renters have been at loggerheads.

Electric-powered scooters have been available on the leasing market for about two years, and Nissan said it plans a nationwide rollout.

It’s possible that the company will be able to offer electric scos for rental on a larger scale, but that is unlikely, because Nissan does not have the luxury of a large-scale leasing market.

Nissan also has a partnership with a third-party vehicle rental company, but Nissan has not announced its plans for the partnership.

Nissan, which owns the Leaf, is also looking to attract the leasing industry by offering rental scooters that are not currently available on a rental basis.

The rental scooter industry has been in an industry-wide downturn since the end of last year.

Nissan is now hoping to capitalize on this market downturn by offering a large number of electric scotes.

Nissan announced that it has added 100 new electric scotch rentals, up from 70 last year, in its most recent quarterly report.

Nissan did not disclose the number of rentals.

Nissan had also been trying to lure the rental industry with a lease model, but its attempts have been unsuccessful.

Nissan plans to launch its electric scots in late 2018, and is considering leasing a larger number of scotes to accommodate the increased demand.

Nissan was one of several companies that made a big splash this year with their electric scoped vehicles, including the BMW i3, the Chevy Volt, the Porsche Cayenne and the Lexus LS.

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