How to make a dirt scooters

I am always in awe of the creativity of these guys.

Every time I open the door, I’m blown away by their creations.

One of my favorite parts of building these dirt scowls is that the entire structure is constructed from one piece of metal. 

Here’s a video of one of my very first dirt scows. 

The metal is a stainless steel rod that is then bent to create a solid piece of aluminum.

The handle of the scooter is also made from aluminum.

The dirt scroller is an interesting idea because it requires very little metal.

I used a lot of wood for this project.

A very simple piece of wood with a hole cut in it, along with a wood saw.

The wood saw was a piece of plywood that I cut in half, and then drilled and tapped a hole through the wood to attach it to the dirt scooper.

The hole I drilled through the plywood was the only hole I used, and the plywoods was glued down so the wood would stay attached.

I just bent the wood up and the whole thing is ready to be mounted to the ground.

Here’s what the entire dirt scower looks like.

This is the first version of the dirt drive that I built.

I made this model to test the dirtscowling skills of my dad, who is a mechanic and an expert dirtscooter builder.

The dirt scoped on this model is the one you’ll find at the garage sale and yard sale.

You’ll also find this model at the local craft store.

It has some pretty neat features.

The front end of the car has a metal strip that runs from the tail lights up through the roof.

I’ve been working on getting a metal plate to fit this plate.

This will serve as a shock absorber and protect the front of the vehicle from the elements.

There’s a tiny metal piece on the back of the chassis that sits between the two metal pieces.

The metal piece is very light and can be easily removed and reattached if needed.

The rear end of this model has an aluminum section that runs along the front edge of the bumper and then along the rear of the front wheels.

You’ll find a metal piece running along the roof of this dirt scotch scooter.

I wanted to get rid of the plastic bumper that was on the dirt truck.

I cut a section of plastic from the bottom of the frame, and used this to attach the dirt driving wheel to the back end of each dirt scoot.

You can see that I attached this to the bottom right corner of the windshield.

Another view of the rear end.

This is where the dirt running wheel attaches to the rear wheel.

It’s a very simple metal piece that is bolted to the underside of the bottom wheel.

Here’s another view of this front end.

I attached the bottom section of the wheel to a piece that was attached to the frame on the bottom left corner of this photo.

I then attached the metal plate that runs down the front to the top of the wheels.

The bottom wheel is also mounted on a piece from a previous project.

This metal plate is very easy to remove and reattach to the other wheels.

Here’s an image of the backside of the base.

I didn’t have a lot to go on this time, so I simply cut the top part of the metal section from a piece on a previous model and attached it to a section from the dirt driven scooter on the other side of the truck.

The plastic piece was attached in place on the front, and was left to slide out from the side of this part.

The dirt drive from the previous project, in the foreground, is mounted on this metal plate.

Here you can see the front end in the rear.

And here you can also see the back, where the plastic piece is attached to a metal section that was glued to the chassis.

It is very simple to attach and remove.

This was a great project for my dad and I to try out and learn some dirt driving skills. 

There’s a lot more to this project, but I’ve already covered it in a previous article.

Check out my previous articles:

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