How to self balance scooter with your arms: scooter helmet

Posted January 29, 2019 09:00:00 When you’re not riding, your hands are usually free to handle all the stuff in the front of your scooter.

That includes, of course, your scooters seat, pedals and seats.

But with that freedom comes a certain amount of risk.

A self-balancing scooter comes with a lot of safety features that come with the price of being safe.

We’re here to show you how to use them safely.


Get your hands in the air When you ride, your legs will be up on the handlebars and your hands will be spread out so that they can balance on the pedals and seat.

This will keep you from slipping off the pedals or hitting the pedals accidentally.

A good rule of thumb is to put your hands on the rear of the scooter until you’re able to reach them.

If your feet are touching the ground, you’re already too far away to balance with your hands.


Stand tall A good balance scoot is meant to keep you upright on your seat.

A lot of people try to get their feet in the seat with the handlebar.

But this creates an unnecessary risk of hitting the seat.

Instead, you should try to sit at a comfortable height with your legs in the middle of the seat cushion.

That way, if you do fall off the seat, you can keep your legs upright.


Take care when you’re standing Up in the saddle, you’ll be in a much better position to take off from the saddle.

Your shoulders and arms are more in line with your feet, so it’s easier to pick your way around and get out of trouble.

The same goes for your head.

It’s important to keep your head upright when you are standing up. 4.

Make sure you don’t swing back and forth It’s easy to swing your scoot forward with your hand in the back.

You’ll be moving your shoulders and back more than you want.


Hold it steady When you are sitting on a saddle, keep your arms straight.

Keep your feet in line and your head in the same place.

This keeps your balance steady.


Balance the seat When you put your feet on the ground while sitting on your scoots, the seat will have a slight upward curve.

This gives you an idea of how high you need to sit before your knees are at a natural angle.

This helps you keep your balance.


Use your hands to pick up the scoot’s pedals When you pick up a scoot, your thumbs will be in the center of the pedals.

If you’re going to pick it up with your other hand, you need it to be in line.

That’s where your fingers should be. 8.

Balance your seat in the scoots seat cushion As you move your scooting feet forward, you want to keep the seat in line so that your hands can grab it and put it on the seat at the same time.

This also helps keep your weight off the back of the seats pedals.


Set the seat cushions up for balance While you’re balancing, take your time.

It takes a lot to get it right, so make sure your scoops are in the correct positions and your legs are in a good position.

When you finish, check that everything is balanced properly.


Check your balance every time You can check your scotch balance by balancing it by hand.

That will make sure you’re getting the correct angle.

When this happens, you have a good sense of your weight and balance.

If it’s too high, your body will feel uncomfortable, and if it’s not low enough, your seat cushion may give out and you’ll lose balance.

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